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More Plates More Dates

Jul 24, 2019

Derek from MorePlatesMoreDates reacts to Ronnie Coleman's Steroid Cycle being discussed with Tom Platz

This interview discussing Ronnie Coleman's steroid cycle was recorded by Tom Platz in the 90's.

I don't think a lot of people know it exists to be honest.

Tom Platz basically “anonymously” interviewed 6 top tier IFBB pro bodybuilders who compete at the Olympia...

Jul 19, 2019

Synthesis Of Nandrolone Endogenously graph with two vials of blood held

Nandrolone Registers As Testosterone On Blood Tests

Something that isn't common knowledge is that Nandrolone is recognized as Testosterone in standard assays used in the vast majority of blood tests.

Typically, this goes completely unnoticed because steroid users only check their Testosterone and Estrogen levels in...

Jul 19, 2019

vial of Primobolan vs vial of 200 mg/mL of Testosterone Cypionate

When it comes to PEDs, the data we derive our conclusions from would ideally come from testing at the clinical level, as opposed to just anecdotes pulled off forums and bro-logs.

I found the following study really interesting because to date, no other study has reported findings using a higher...

Jul 12, 2019

Derek MorePlateMoreDates My Number 1 advice if you are going to use steroids with 3 steroid injections and torso of bodybuilder

My number one piece of advice is something I highly doubt you've ever heard, but it's something I wish somebody told me when I was younger.

I advise you heed what I write in this article before you haphazardly throw yourself into the domain of...

Jul 11, 2019

Avodart Dutasteride Vs Propecia Finasteride in arm wrestling, does Dutasteride increase testosterone

I've already written about if Finasteride lowers Testosterone levels.

I felt an article on Dutasteride was justified as well.

If you read the Finasteride article, you already know that Finasteride does not lower Testosterone, which is a common misconception.

It actually increases Testosterone levels, as...