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More Plates More Dates

Jun 22, 2022

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Alex’s unique entrepreneurial content with no “secrets” withheld
00:03:03 – Alex’s journey from broke to $100 million revenue per year 
00:08:49 – Software and machine learning to maximize leads, and does Alex regret starting a software company
00:12:10 – The inception of, qualifications (revenue, net profit, types of companies, founder character traits etc.) needed for Alex to consider buying/taking on a minority stake in a new company he will add to his portfolio, and how he grows them quickly
00:40:02 – Alex’s perspective on the stock market, crypto, real estate, and why he’s mostly liquid and sitting on cash
00:43:01 – How much equity do you need to have enough skin in the game for a minority stake to be worth your time to grow the company?
00:43:43 – How Alex oversees the 8 companies he has equity in simultaneously
00:47:52 – Valuation calculations of companies, negotiating it during corporate exits, and how much Alex sold his last 3 companies for 
00:55:45 – Tax strategy during corporate exits
00:59:38 – The most challenging aspects of scaling multiple 8 figure companies
01:01:51 – Finding executives and A player employees when scaling, and how to compensate them 
01:08:52 – The real secret to get from $10 million to $100 million. The billion-dollar skill. 
01:11:10 – Have you fired any executives, and if so, what were the reasons?
01:13:03 – Why Alex had to hire and fire 8 executive assistants until he found a winner. The difference between an administrative and executive assistant. Yearly salaries for assistants. 
01:20:30 – High net worth goals have long-term time horizons, but does Alex also micro-segment his goals into yearly or quarterly objectives? 
01:26:46 – Tax secrets of the wealthy and what happens when we die
01:36:16 – Entrepreneurs living somewhere they don’t want to live to save on taxes
01:39:02 – The corporate structure of (LLC vs. C-Corp vs. ESOP)
01:43:10 – How much Alex spends per month to maintain his lifestyle (living like a**holes)
01:45:20 – Social awkwardness around people you don’t share common interests with
01:47:49 – Alex and I each give our reasons why we don’t want kids right now
01:50:49 – What is the most overrated piece of business advice among high-net-worth entrepreneurs? The lady in the red dress
01:54:42 – Delayed gratification and sacrificing long-term enterprise value for today’s cash value
01:57:49 – Should you take distributions or reinvest everything back into your business?
01:59:49 – Fake millionaires and our thoughts on college/university
02:06:32 – What a day in the life of Alex Hormozi looks like - How his schedule and task lists break down start to finish to optimize his time
02:15:20 – Alex and I discuss our productivity hacks to stay focused and avoid distractions
02:19:45 – Alex’s strict sleep schedule and how it adjusted the past few years
02:22:02 – Biohacks used by high performing entrepreneurs
02:25:15 – Brain fog from hard training and being “passively jacked”
02:28:16 – The biggest Alex has ever gotten, his lifts and bodybuilding stats over the years, TRT and if he is natty or not
02:37:19 – Alex’s diet. What each meal looks like every day. Productivity while fasting vs. eating. 
02:40:15 – Alex’s experience with “smart drugs” and what he currently takes
02:47:30 – Entrepreneurs that ruin their productivity by trying to over-optimize their day for productivity
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