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More Plates More Dates

Oct 11, 2021

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๐Ÿ•‘ Time Stamps:
0:00:00 โ€“ Dr. Andrew Huberman Measures My Digit Ratio
0:12:30 โ€“ My Secret Last Name, Mike Mentzer's Steroid Advice To Andrew Huberman & Unique Research
0:24:43 โ€“ How To Pronounce Turkesterone, Marek Health And Why Blood Work Is Crucial
0:37:47 โ€“ How To Fix Your Sleep - Supplements, Importance Of Time You Go To Sleep & Protocols
0:57:09 โ€“ Nootropics And The Dark Side Of Curcumin And Health Supplements
1:04:33 โ€“ Gyno In The UFC & How Cannabis Actually Affects Hormone Levels
1:18:24 โ€“ Peptides & UGL Gear
1:25:05 โ€“ QUADRUPLING Of Natural Testosterone Levels Using These Supplements
1:48:20 โ€“ Andrew Huberman Describes His TRT Protocol And What Effects He Noticed
2:04:11 โ€“ How Much Birth Control Pills CRUSH Female Testosterone Levels & DHEA Supplementation To Spike It
2:10:02 โ€“ Pseudohermaphrodites Gaining MULTIPLE Inches In Penis Size & Getting MORE Jacked Than Their Brothers
2:32:58 โ€“ TEENS TAKING TREN | Will They PERMANENTLY Alter Their Brain Chemistry?
2:40:48 โ€“ Greg Doucette Vs. Andrew Huberman - Calories In Calories Out DOESN'T Work!?
2:53:56 โ€“ Andrew Huberman's EXACT Diet And Supplement Routine To Stay Dialed In
3:10:41 โ€“ Andrew Huberman's Testosterone Levels After TRT & Ideal Free Testosterone Levels
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