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More Plates More Dates

May 8, 2024

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πŸ•‘ Time Stamps: 
0:00:00 – 0:00:50 – Introduction 
0:00:50 – 0:05:32 – Why Paul Saladino Stopped The Carnivore Diet After 2 Years 
0:05:32 – 0:08:41 – Is There Ever A Point Of Doing A Keto Diet? 
0:08:41 – 0:11:21 – Why Paul Reached Out To Me To Do A Second Podcast After Seeing Me Speak With Peter Attia 
0:11:21 – 0:17:36 – What Actually Causes Atherosclerosis? Paul’s Take On The Traditional Hypothesis 
0:17:36 – 0:22:17 – Should We Ignore High LDL-C Or APOB? 
0:22:17 – 0:25:05 – Paul Describes How Some Studies Suggest That Those With Higher HDL-C Levels May Be Less Likely To Get Atherosclerosis Despite Having High LDL-C Levels 
0:25:05 – 0:25:26 – Paul’s Perspective On Why Many Doctors Aren’t Educating Their Patients About Metabolic Health 
0:25:26 – 0:33:41 – "Ignore Nutrition Just Focus On Exercise" 
0:33:41 – 0:37:55 – Sponsor: Eight Sleep 
0:37:55 – 0:39:02 – The Most Important Lab Tests For Avoiding Atherosclerosis 
0:39:02 – 0:42:53 – Is It Possible To Get Atherosclerosis If You Have A Fasting Insulin Of 3 uIU/mL Or Less
0:42:53 – 0:46:27 – Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) And Why It’s A Phenotypic Diagnosis, Not A Genotypic Diagnosis
0:46:27 – 0:49:41 – What Happens When You Replace Saturated Fat With Linoleic Acid?
0:49:41 – 0:52:38 – How A Pure Carnivore Diet Affects Thyroid Metabolism
0:52:38 – 0:56:45 – Can Someone On A Keto Diet Long-Term Develop Atherosclerosis Despite Having A Low Fasting Insulin? Dave Feldman’s Lean Mass Hyper-Responder Study
0:56:45 – 1:00:56 – How Paul’s Perspective Differs From Dave Feldman and Shawn Baker
        β€’ The Baseline Data From The LMHR Study Paul Mentioned:         
1:00:56 – 1:03:55 – What Is APOB And LP(a)?
1:03:55 – 1:06:44 – Sponsor: Marek Health
1:06:44 – 1:10:21 – How Long It Takes For Plaque To Develop And Show On A CT Angiogram
1:10:21 – 1:13:46 – Why Paul Uses Proxy Biomarkers In Atherosclerosis Data Analysis To Discern Insulin Sensitivity
1:13:46 – 1:18:14 – Does Paul Think It Is Ever Justified To Take Lipid Lowering Medication To Avoid Atherosclerosis?
1:18:14 – 1:20:13 – How Should You Track If You Are Developing Atherosclerosis?
1:20:13 – 1:45:27 – Lipid Lowering Medication Risk-Reward Analysis. Will Lowering LDL-C Impair Quality Of Life, Regardless Of The Medication Used? Do Adolescents With Hypofunctioning PCSK9 And Very Low APOB Have Impaired Development Cognitively Or Structurally?
1:45:27 – 1:47:39 – If You Don’t Lower APOB But Want To Track Plaque Accumulation, Is The Dose Of Radiation From A CT Angiogram Concerning?
1:47:39 – 1:56:45 –Why Certain Tribes Have Lower Rates Of Cardiovascular Disease Than The Average Person. Should Or Shouldn’t We Copy What They’re Doing?
1:56:45 – 2:16:17 – The Lowest Hanging Fruit For Avoiding Atherosclerosis And Evaluating Your Risk
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